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Intro to the elements of theatre and performance

Evening of One Acts

Scenic Painting

Performance Exercises


Theatre Production is a semester long course that is for advanced students. This course has required pre-requisites, and is application and audition based. Students will gain further knowledge of the process of theatre, technical theatre, design and performance.

    In order to learn about the craft of theatre students are engaged in several hands-on activities that require them to use critical analysis skills, research, creativity, and performance. Students will be introduced to scenic, lighting, costume, make up design elements and stagecraft. Throughout this semester students will also create their own work to perform, and be involved in producing work for shows utilizing various lessons throughout the semester.

Lost in Toyland 2017 (This was a dual set. This is the backside of the classroom wall pictured in the middle). 

This is a Test 2017 Scenic Design Tarea Jacobs

Lost in Toyland 2017 (Finished product of first picture). 

Scenic Design Tarea Jacobs

Eurydice 2016

Costume Design: Nicole Bolden and Madison Lara

Eurydice 2016

Eurydice 2016

Course Syllabus

over 2 years ago

theatre production course syllabus

Theatre I, Audition and application process with current grades.


This is an advanced course designed to expose students to acting methods, terminology, performance and technical aspects of theatre. Students will have hands-on projects, presentations, and workshops to further develop their knowledge. Students will participate in productions from start to finish of the entire process. Students will be tested on knowledge gained throughout the course and grades will be received through participation and performances. 


Students will develop an understanding of the entire process of a production. Students will gain knowledge from the actor's, director and designers perspective. They will have a greater appreciation and knowledge of collaboration through the roles that each part of a production team plays.  Students will be able to analyze a script and characters, develop critical analysis skill, and learn to utilize research to develop concepts and problem solving skills. 

REQUIRED MATERIALS:                                                                           GRADING SCALE: 

3 RING NOTE BOOK                                                                                     90-100           A
COMPOSITION BOOK/JOURNAL                                                                80-89             B
OPEN MIND                                                                                                   70-79             C
GOOD ATTITUDE                                                                                          64-69             D
DISCIPLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                      63-0               F