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Course description:

This is an advanced course designed to expose students to terminology, theories, structure of plays, writing reviews, criticism and developing critical thinking skills and analysis. Students will have hands-on projects, presentations, and workshops to further develop their knowledge. Students will participate in productions from start to finish of the entire process. Students will be tested on knowledge gained throughout the course and grades will be received through participation and performances.

Course objective:

Students will gain knowledge through analysis, and develop research and critical thinking skills. They will develop a working process of a production through analyzing scripts, characters and observing productions.  Students will be able to analyze a script and characters, develop critical analysis skills, and learn to utilize research to develop concepts and problem solving skills. Seniors will utilize their knowledge and skills to direct their own pieces before the end of the semester to showcase what they have learned. 

Once Upon A Playground 2017

Directed by: Madison Lara

Class trip to the Mary C to see ASF's "Twelfth Night" 2017

One Magic Kiss Spring 2017

Dramatic Criticism Syllabus

about 1 year ago

dramatic criticism syllabus