Sean Harden, Computer Science
sean harden

My name is Sean Harden and this is my 25th year teaching.  I love students, I love teaching,  and I love our district! (LBHS Class of 1993).   I have a bachelors and masters degree from the University of Southern Mississippi (SMTTT!).

I teach Computer Science and Engineering and AP Computer Science. Both of these courses offer real world problems and solutions that are very relevant to future opportunities.  In a world that has become so technologically dependent, the future workforce offers abundance of opportunities for students in the STEM and Computer Science industry.  Additionally, the courses help support students on everyday issues that arise even if they do not choose a career path in the STEM and Computer Science Industry.

I look forward to working with all students in our district and helping expose them to activities, projects, and ideas that they might not have otherwise undertaken.  Additionally, our coursework naturally flows into cross curriculum realms that help with other coursework as well.