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LBHS Starfish Award : Starfish Poem Story 50 Laminated Cards for People Who Make a  Difference Inspirational Appreciation Recognition Acknowledgement : Office  Products

Congrats Mrs. Johnson

Congrats Mrs. Becker

Congrats Ms. Babin!

Congrats Mrs. Collins!

Congrats Mrs. Ramsey!

Congrats Mrs. Ward

Congrats Mrs. Carmack!

Congrats to Mrs. Bartlett

Congrats Ms. Bellew!!!

Congrats Ms. Dubuisson!

Congrats Mr. Rogers!

Congrats Mr. Arms!

Congrats Coach Foreman!

Congrats Mr. Hermann

Congrats Mr. Barnard

Congrats Mr. Greer!

Congrats Ms. Neff!

Congrats Ms. Hunfgerford!

Congratulations Ms. Hungerford

Congratulations Mr. Bond!

Congrats Mr. Hill

Congratulations Mrs. AL!!!! 

Congrats to Mrs. Wesley! 

Congrats Ms. Rigby!

Congratulations Coach Odom!

Congrats Coach Coln!

Congrats Mrs. Hertz

Congrats Mr. Jones

Congrats Mr. Shows

Congrats Mr. Hart

Congrats Mr. Stone

Mr. Cassibry

Mr. Walker

Mr. Huey

Mrs. Crapps

Mrs. Zink

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Attipoe

Dr. Nash

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