Betsy Hertz Librarian Welcome back to the 2023-2024 school year. I am excited to be back and see everyone. I hope everyone has a fantastic year. I will be attaching links to my web page for free E books and useful online learning materials. Please share if you find things I need to add or update. Stay safe and thank you.

Library Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30 am -3:45 pm.
Daily duties include:

Afternoon Duty: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Media Policies and Procedures
  1. The Library/Media Center opens at 8:00. The Library/Media Center closes at faculty dismissal time @ 3:30p.m. No pass is required before or after or school hours. If additional time before or after school is needed, please contact the library to schedule a time.
  2. Up to two students from a class can come from a classroom at a time on passes without the presence of the Teacher. A student is required to come to the library during class hours on a signed and dated pass from the teacher of the hour.
  3. Students must have a pass from his teacher of the hour to check in to the Media Center.
  4. Each student coming to the Media Center on a pass, is to sign in on arrival and sign out when he/she leaves. His pass must be signed out by the Media Center staff.
  5. Teachers need to schedule in advance to bring an entire class to the Media Center.
  6. The Media Center uses automated services to circulate materials.
  7. Computers are for research only, no games or proxy sites. If you violate this policy, we will warn you the first time, after repeated warning you will have to get off the computer.
  8. We will not tolerate any disruptive behavior, people come in to study or do research, please be courteous at all times. Please keep your hands and objects to yourself at all times.