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LBHS Alumni take last stroll through D, E & F halls

Myself, Mr. Tim Pierce, and the LBSD Board of Trustees are thrilled that many of you accepted the district’s invitation to walk the high school one last time this past Saturday. We hope that each of you enjoyed the experience. This video, created by our very on Social Media Coordinator, Kenny Triplett, is a little gift to those of you who attended and to all LBHS graduates. We reassert our pledge that we are committed to building a new facility that will be the pride of Long Beach. The demolition has been moved up a week and is now scheduled for July 8th! In one year, our current students will be walking the halls of a new 53,000 square feet academic facility which includes 32 new classrooms, administrative suites, counseling suites, and science labs. This facility will have state of the art instructional technology, security, and all new classroom and office furniture, most of which has already been purchased. While we are moving into the academic complex, we will be breaking ground on our new 1,100 seat basketball arena, 450 seat fine arts auditorium and our state of the art library/media center. Renovations will be done to the cafeteria and band hall during this time as well. Enjoy the video and Go Bearcats!

Dr. Jay Smith, Superintendent

Mr. Tim Pierce, Board President

Sandi Dulaney, Shane Walker, Debra Cook and Tom Carpenter (Board of Trustees)

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